The Future of the Game

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The Future of the Game

Post by FearMeSuckers on Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:53 pm

Sector War / Civil War

This is one of our new event formats we’re looking to run next year. Simply put, you get your event points and prizes not for hitting a variety of V-Sec targets with points values, but for inflicting as much hurt on players who are not part of your sector as possible. Fleets and bases are both fair game, and you get points not for the level of fleet you destroy, but for the amount of damage you do. This means that the more skill you have, the more points you will earn. It really is that simple.

Rewards for Sector War aren’t just based on personal performance, either. There are rewards for the best alliances and the best sectors as well. It is called Sector War, after all. Or, at least, it is currently called Sector War.
At this point I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on how Sector War works, but simply say that this is what is coming. There’ll be more posts on this in the future as the feature itself matures.

PvP Co-Op

This is the other big lynchpin feature of the game direction in the new year. Initially only during the Sector Wars event, and then perhaps opened up in future, you will be able to warp your fleet into a fight to join an alliance-mate, and both of you will be in battle together. Of course, your opponent is able to do the exact same thing.
This will adhere to the same gating rules that already exist in the game.

Initially this will be limited only to fleet vs. fleet; bases won’t be included in this equation. You will also not be allowed to join your own fleets; only those of alliance-mates. However, there is no requirement for your alliance-mate to be online. What this means is that if you deploy a fleet to guard your base and someone attacks it, one of your alliance-mates who is online at the time can send a fleet to join the defence.


One-to-One messaging, or direct messaging if you prefer that description
 New alliance features, such as alliance coalitions
 Alliance crafting: being able to contribute resources to help your friends

 Different PvP events, such as the ability to capture and hold certain key areas/facilities

PS: You can read the full post HERE


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Re: The Future of the Game

Post by IceSlave on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:11 pm



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